We live in times where digital experiences have changed the world.

Online and offline.

Where the internet has taken us beyond our imagination.

Giving us information, entertainment, and services that impact the way we live.

But our online world is shattering.

With intrusive and repetitive advertising.

Putting personal data and privacy at risk.

That’s why we want to be a catalyst for change.

Utiq is the Authentic Consent Service.

And together, we want to build a trusted and responsible digital world for everyone.

A world where brands can reach people at scale

Where publishers can find real value in their audience.

Where entertainment isn’t interrupted.

Where information is accessible to all.

Where online spaces are inclusive and regulations work in your favour.

A world where you come first.

Where digital advertising is founded on respect for consent.

A world where data remains your own and privacy is your right.

This is why we exist.

This is Utiq.

Watch and read our manifesto in full here