The Utiq Manifesto

Enabling a trusted and responsible digital world for everyone

Digital marketing must change

The internet – funded by digital advertising – has given us access to an amazing breadth of information, entertainment and services.

But people face friction in their online experiences — opacity and complexity in giving consent to personal data use, and intrusive, repetitive advertising.

For brands and publishers, data is becoming less accurate and abundant, putting the essence of the free-to-access internet at risk – increasing their “big tech” dependency for scaled targeting and traffic.

Before the open web becomes less valuable for everyone, something has to change.

Enabling a trusted and responsible digital world for everyone

Utiq is the Authentic Consent Service that enables responsible digital marketing.

We want to be a catalyst for change, helping create a trusted and responsible ad-funded internet with privacy data protection at its heart.

We can only achieve this goal by working together. Collaborating for the mutual interests of people, publishers, and brands.

This calls for a new set of beliefs. Beliefs embodied by Utiq as we work to reshape the industry. Together.

This is our manifesto for change

Creating a new reality means collaboration between people, publishers, brands, and regulators. It’s developing new technologies and business models that prioritise user privacy and data protection. It’s about educating users on their rights and responsibilities, empowering them to take back control over their privacy choices.

Our beliefs are clear. They guide our behaviours, business decisions, service development, and the actions of our people, and we hope they can act as agents of change across the industry.


Recognising the value of digital marketing.

The value of digital marketing is undeniable, but our industry must do more to recognise and celebrate the extraordinary value created though education, entertainment, employment generation, and economic return.


People first. Always.

A digital world where people always come first. This is our promise to our users. Because an industry that looks after data rights should recognise humanity over the pursuit of identity.


Our digital world should be sustainable.

Responsibility and sustainability go hand in hand. Data storage, usage minimisation and a drive to reduce digital waste should be integral to how we collectively operate, addressing the environmental impact of our digital behaviours.


Our digital world should be more inclusive.

An open internet promotes diversity and equity – the building blocks of a fair and inclusive society – where everyone has the opportunity to participate, grow and realise their potential.


Digital sovereignty is a right, not an option.

Trust should be at the heart of how our industry operates, underpinned by a frictionless system that maintains user consent integrity and rights throughout.


Privacy as a service, not a setting.

Authentic consent requires education, respect, and accountability. It enables people to enjoy real choice and control over their data usage, digital advertising and marketing experiences.


Doing more with less.

Hyper-profiling, fingerprinting, marketplace models — we believe more is not always better. We believe that data minimisation and decentralisation principles will reduce the cost of business, enabling better online experiences for everyone.


Regulatory compliance starts with spirit, not script.

The entire industry needs to reassess its approach to digital marketing, moving away from the transactional and workaround approaches that cause regulatory failure.

It’s time for us to reshape our reality and change digital marketing for good.

This is Utiq.
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This is Utiq