Utiq for Consumers

In many ways, people have come second to the commercial interests of the internet. They have been turned into a product. Utiq is here to give people back their consent, and their choice over their privacy.

To manage your Utiq service, including withdrawing your Utiq consents, please visit consenthub, our easy-to-use and centralised privacy platform that gives you control and choice over your privacy.

Transparent and user-friendly

Putting people first is a value embedded in the Authentic Consent Service we provide as a promise to those who use it. It stems from our social responsibility to preserve people’s choice for privacy, and to safeguard their data.

The easy-to-navigate, centralised portal – “consenthub” – is the foundation of our service. It gives people true choice and control over their privacy, and the ability to withdraw consent in a simple way.

Our manifesto

This is Utiq