Authentic Consent Service

Actionable product principles

We operate to serve the long-term interests of the entire digital marketing ecosystem.

Data minimisation​

Limited data volume, limited signal life-span​

Consent is everything

Unambiguous, independent, timely, simple​

Transparency everywhere

Clear language, layered information, easy access​

Contractual safeguards

No re-identification or further processing

Accountability always

Embracing all Data Protection requirements​

Built-in product privacy

Privacy enablement is core to design and innovation​

Addressing key privacy challenges

With Utiq, people do not need to compromise their privacy in order to access online experiences.


  • Consent is required under e‑privacy law to use tracking technologies
  • The website visitor will be presented with a highlight notice prior to a consentpass signal being generated and will have the opportunity to consent to that processing


  • Privacy information provided will be clear and simple to understand with a dedicated consenthub portal/site where website visitors can find information and control their preferences

Roles and responsibilities

  • There are a number of parties in the ad ecosystems, and the data shared among them can lead to uncontrolled data sharing
  • Utiq aims to consolidate and secure data sharing by reducing the number of tackers needed and ensuring the right agreements are in place


  • Pseudonymisation and encryption are implemented to protect processed personal data
  • Only randomised consentpass signals will be shared with advertisers/publishers, and these do not contain directly identifiable data


  • In‑transit and at-rest encryption is in place
  • No directly identifiable data will be shared cross-borders

What we don’t do

As an Authentic Consent Service, what we do is as important as what we don’t. Our service does not grant us access to anyone’s telco data

  • Data onboarding

  • Data marketplace

  • Probabilistic or fingerprinting techniques

  • Identity graphs

  • Access or use of any PII (CRM, location etc)

  • Data collection or storage

  • Clean room capabilities

  • Own or sell media

  • Cross-industry identity resolution

How our service works

Our Authentic Consent Service has been built people-first. It operates through two unique solutions called “consenthub” and “consentpass”.


Our centralised portal – consenthub – gives people true choice and control over their privacy, and which facilitates more relevant digital marketing experiences.​

Simple, easy-to-use, transparent, unambiguous. One simple click to easily withdraw consent.​

Brands and publishers will only be able to advertise to people if they have given permission through either a Utiq consent pop up or the consenthub portal.​


Our consentpass solution connects Utiq’s Telco partners, publishers and brands via a real-time, end-to-end secure consent signal match.​

These secure signals work cross-browser and cross-device, offering accurate addressability at scale , whilst embracing the very toughest privacy standards.​

People-first Addressable Secure Signals

“Martechpass” and “adtechpass” signals enable the delivery of personalised digital marketing and advertising experiences.


  1. Consent required
  2. Network signal creation
  3. consentpass creation
  4. martechpass creation
  1. Consent required
  2. Network signal creation
  3. consent signal creation
  4. martechpass signal creation


  1. Consent required
  2. Network signal creation
  3. consentpass creation
  4. adtechpass creation
  1. Consent required
  2. Network signal creation
  3. consent signal creation
  4. adtechpass signal creation

Our manifesto

This is Utiq