A response to Google’s decision to delay cookie deprecation

Utiq is in the business of innovation. We do this in the interests of people, brands and publishers. To move the industry forward. To advance the idea that privacy and consent are not just regulatory mandates, but also reflect the rights of audiences in choosing to receive the value of advertising in exchange for online content, products and services.


Google is unfortunately displaying very different behaviours. In delaying the deprecation of third party cookies yet again – with further delays likely – it continues to create confusion, suspicion and inaction, reflective of a disproportionately negative impact across the industry. Each capitulation suggests that its incentives are not aligned to that of audiences, but rather to economics and monetisation. This is not a healthy position for our industry to be in, and we should not have cookie deprecation tied inextricably to the proposed Sandbox solution.


But should we blame Google? No. Ultimately, we need to look at ourselves – as brands, publishers and ad tech enablers – in not standing up and taking a leadership role in this issue. We have allowed the agenda to be defined and dictated by Google, whereas the solutions have always been in our hands. The alternatives to cookies are here now, with 40% of the market already cookieless. We have never needed to wait for Google to take responsible steps regarding the use of consumer data.


This should be a defining moment for the industry – to say enough is enough. There is a line in front of us all which reflects a decision that should place the interests of audiences first – it is about the right to do something (continue exploiting third party cookies) versus doing the right thing (to seek our own alternatives that safeguard data privacy).


As a company that ultimately wants to enable a trusted and responsible digital world – one not dependent on third party cookies and one that enjoys the value of the open internet – we hope that more businesses will join us in using this latest delay in solution from Google as a moment of positive change, rather than continued inertia.


The digital advertising industry is a great one – so let’s lead and own it with the respect that it – and the audiences that experience it – deserve.