Announcing a New POC Collaboration between Utiq and AGF in Germany: Evaluating the Future of Digital Advertising


We are excited to share that Utiq is partnering with AGF on a new Proof of Concept (POC) aimed at enhancing the digital advertising landscape in Germany. This initiative aligns with Utiq’s vision of creating a more trusted and responsible digital world for everyone.

Project Overview

As the advertising industry navigates the challenges of a cookieless future and strict data privacy regulations, our POC seeks to explore the feasibility and effectiveness of integrating Utiq’s authentic consent based first-party identifiers with AGF’s socio-demographic panel data.

This initiative will enable advertisers and publishers to create enriched audience insights – using their own data and addressing their own use cases – while maintaining strict data privacy compliance.


Key Objectives

  1. Audience Verification for Advertisers: Assessing whether ad campaigns are reaching the intended target demographics.
  2. Audience Qualification: Gaining a deeper understanding of website audience demographics to better tailor content and advertising.
  3. Audience Lookalike Modeling: Identifying potential new user segments that mirror existing audiences to expand reach and improve targeting.

Why This Matters

This POC holds significant potential to revolutionize digital advertising by providing more precise, privacy-first audience insights. However, it is crucial to manage expectations, as we are in the early stages of exploration, and the primary goal is to evaluate if this approach can deliver the desired outcomes. While the prospects are promising, it is equally possible that we may encounter challenges that prevent full implementation.

Commitment to Privacy and Compliance

Ensuring user privacy and compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR remains our top priority throughout this process. A cleanroom environment will facilitate secure and anonymised data matching, preserving the integrity and confidentiality of user and panelists information.

Utiq’s Vision

At Utiq, we believe in enabling a trusted and responsible digital world for everyone. This POC is a step towards realizing that vision by developing innovative solutions that respect user privacy while delivering valuable insights to advertisers and publishers.

Next Steps

We will keep the community updated on our progress and findings. If successful, this POC could pave the way for more precise, privacy-first audience insights, offering substantial benefits to the digital advertising ecosystem.

Published On: June 2, 2024