Cannes has always been a celebration of game-changing creativity, transformation, and leadership.

This year, the Adtech segment of the festival was abuzz with conversations about setting new industry benchmarks. How can we make this industry more privacy-centric? What about addressability, measurability, and attribution? Can the open web regroup and reinvent itself to stand strong against global giants? These discussions go far beyond the noise surrounding the delayed deprecation of third-party cookies.

Enter Utiq.

We’re on a mission to restore trust in digital marketing. We envision a digital landscape where consumers can trust that their privacy choices are respected, brands can find viable yet responsible ways to connect with audiences, and Adtech partners view privacy compliance as a positive force for change. This industry deserves better and doesn’t need to cut corners.

We are very grateful for our founding shareholders’ unwavering support in jointly transforming this ecosystem for the better. Telcos are among the world’s most trusted guardians of personal data, and they are all passionately committed to Utiq and the change we want to bring to the advertising industry – something you should hear straight from the CEOs of:

Deutsche Telekom | Tim Höttges
Orange | Christel Heydemann
Telefónica | José María Álvarez-Pallete
Vodafone | Margherita Della Valle

In this exclusive video, they highlight the transformative power of Telco collaboration in tackling the biggest challenges facing the open internet: privacy, consent, and trust. They emphasize that Utiq’s Authentic Consent Service, a Telco-based signal solution, is key to driving the transformation towards a trusted and responsible digital world.

Thank you for believing in Utiq.

Published On: June 23, 2024