Enabling a trusted and responsible digital world for everyone


Creating a new reality means collaboration between people, publishers, brands, and regulators. It’s developing new technologies and business models that prioritise user privacy and data protection. It’s about educating users on their rights and responsibilities, empowering them to take back control over their privacy choices.


Our beliefs are clear. They guide our behaviours, business decisions, service development, and the actions of our people, and we hope they can act as agents of change across the industry.


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This is the sixth in a series of posts that delve a little deeper on the principles that underpin Utiq’s purpose.


Principle #6: Privacy as a service, not just a setting


Digital marketing and advertising are powerful in reaching and engaging with people – potential customers – as well as building brand awareness and loyalty. Their value is undeniable – created by virtue of it’s wider benefit to society – through education, entertainment, employment generation, and economic return.


In the digital age, where every click, scroll, and search leaves a digital footprint, the importance of privacy, data protection and choice in digital marketing and advertising cannot be overstated. But, with commercialisation of the internet, personal information can easily become collateral damage to the pursuit of the benefits to business. As an industry, we must remember that privacy and choice are not expendable commodities – they are the very bedrock upon which a people-first digital advertising ecosystem must be built.


Privacy cannot be seen as a luxury; it’s a fundamental personal right. The erosion of privacy in the digital era poses a grave threat to individual autonomy. Without robust privacy safeguards, individuals are left vulnerable to the exploitation and manipulation of their very identity.


Consent, often buried deep in the terms and conditions of digital platforms, must be elevated to the forefront of the user experience. True consent is not the passive click of an accept button – it is an informed, active agreement that empowers individuals to decide on how their data will be is used.


The current state of consent in digital advertising often leaves individuals unwittingly subjected to profiling techniques and targeted advertisements that feel more like intrusions than offerings. The power of consent lies in its ability to recognise and translate permission into appropriate and responsible communication, where users have willingly chosen to interact with brands and publishers that respect their rights, values their choices, and prioritise their well-being.


Utiq has been created to enable those trusted, responsible interactions. It is our belief that privacy and consent requires education, respect, and accountability. It enables people to enjoy real choice and control over their data usage, digital advertising and marketing experiences.


Our Authentic Consent Service has been built people-first, operating through two unique solutions – “consenthub” and “consentpass”.


Our centralised portal – consenthub – gives people true choice and control over their privacy, and which facilitates more relevant digital marketing experiences from trusted brands and publishers that harness the Authentic Consent Service.​ Simple, easy-to-use, transparent, unambiguous. One simple click to easily withdraw consent.​


Our consentpasses connect Utiq’s Telco partners, publishers and brands via a real-time, end-to-end secure consent signal match.​ These secure signals work cross-browser and cross-device, offering accurate addressability at scale , whilst embracing the very toughest privacy and data protection standards.​ Consent provided to Utiq is specifically applied and timebound, and there is full transparency as to each of the organizations who will be enabled to access to and use the data.


Critically, Utiq is not reliant on technology alone – our business is underpinned by a strong set of operating principles, and contractual and commercial safeguards, that govern and drive the responsibility we take for the integrity of our service in-use.


Our stance on privacy and data protection is part of our manifesto for change – part of our support of digital marketing and advertising – where individuals are active participants, where autonomy is cherished, and where choice is wholly respected. This is the time for a people-first digital advertising revolution, grounded in privacy, data protection and choice. This time is now.



Published On: December 5, 2023