Enabling a trusted and responsible digital world for everyone


Creating a new reality means collaboration between people, publishers, brands, and regulators. It’s developing new technologies and business models that prioritise user privacy and data protection. It’s about educating users on their rights and responsibilities, empowering them to take back control over their privacy choices.


Our beliefs are clear. They guide our behaviours, business decisions, service development, and the actions of our people, and we hope they can act as agents of change across the industry.


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This is the fifth in a series of posts that delve a little deeper on the principles that underpin Utiq’s purpose.


Principle #5: Digital sovereignty is a right, not an option


Digital sovereignty is the ability of individuals and organisations to control their own data and digital assets, without being dependent on or influenced by external parties. It is a right that should be respected and protected by all stakeholders in the digital ecosystem, including governments, businesses, and users. Digital sovereignty is not an option that can be ignored or compromised, but is a necessity that ensures the security, privacy, and autonomy of our digital world.

Trust is a critical ingredient – the foundation of digital sovereignty – and is based on the expectation that digital participants will act in a transparent, accountable, and ethical manner, respecting the rights and interests of others. There is also a notable dependency on the digital infrastructure and services that support the exchange and processing of data and digital assets. This is a place where trust is won, but more often lost, within the digital advertising ecosystem, and change is needed to restore its value.

So, beyond trust, how can the digital infrastructure change to facilitate digital sovereignty? What are the key ingredients to unlock and elevate trust?

Firstly, we believe that a frictionless system is essential. One that minimises barriers to access, use, and share data and digital assets, but also maximises the benefits and value that can be derived from those same data and digital assets. A frictionless system should be based on interoperability and compatibility between different platforms and technologies, whilst also respecting the diversity and preferences of digital stakeholders, allowing them to choose the best solutions for their needs.

User consent – as a clear expression of agreement or permission by people to allow their data and digital assets to be collected, used, or shared by others – is another core principle to digital sovereignty. User consent should be informed, voluntary, specific, and revocable. It should also be easy to provide and withdraw, without imposing undue burdens or penalties on the individual to make those choices.

Integrity is the quality of being honest and consistent in actions and communications throughout the digital ecosystem. This is essential for building trust and credibility, with an implied emphasis on the use of appropriate security measures and safeguards to prevent or detect any misuse or corruption of data and digital assets.

Rights are the entitlements or freedoms that users have in relation to their data and digital assets. Rights to access, rectify, erase, port, or object to the processing of their data and digital assets. Rights to privacy, confidentiality, non-discrimination, or redress in case of any violation or harm caused by the use of their data and digital assets. User rights should be recognised and enforced by laws and regulations that protect users from any abuse or exploitation.

Utiq was created as a service to the industry to enable exactly this standard of value exchange between audiences, brands, publishers, agencies and ad tech – independent and people-first – building on actionable product standards that serve the long-term interests of the entire ecosystem.

This is no truer than when reflecting on digital sovereignty rights, manged within Utiq’s consenthub – the foundation of our fully compliant, people-first, Authentic Consent Service.

Consent is initially given – simple, informed, unambiguous and voluntary – via a Utiq pop up on a relevant brand or publisher website. Utiq’s consenthub portal then gives people true choice and control over their privacy, with an easy-to-use and transparent solution to revoke consent.

At Utiq, we firmly believe that trust should be at the heart of how our industry operates, underpinned by a frictionless system that maintains people-first consent integrity and rights throughout, to create a trusted and responsible digital world for everyone.

Published On: November 14, 2023