Bienvenue and welcome to Julien Delhommeau, COO for Utiq France!


He joins to support Sophie Poncin, Managing Director, Utiq France, helping to define – among other things – the Go-To-Market strategy there, and a coordinated approach to working with the CNILs and other French regulators.


Julien has over a decade of programmatic and ad tech experience, all within iterations of the same company, starting with OAS (a publisher ad server) that was then acquired by AppNexus – where he undertook consultant and solutions engineer roles. He then continued to progress through to Product and Systems Architect roles as the business was bought by AT&T, and then subsequently Microsoft. For the past two years, he has also served as Chair of the TCF working group at IAB, responsible for developing the technical solution.


Julien commented on his appointment, “I have been actively following the project since its creation back in 2020, and I truly believe Utiq has the potential to be a game changer, going way beyond just digital advertising, but the web ecosystem in its entirety, with Telcos enabling trusted choice and privacy for internet users.”

Published On: September 5, 2023