It’s legal and official!


Today we can announce that Alexandra Jaspar is joining Utiq as our new Head of Legal and Compliance, where she’ll be supporting the business in its contracting, negotiation and risk mitigation efforts.


Utiq is a business that believes regulatory compliance starts with spirit, not script. That the entire industry needs to reassess its approach to digital marketing, moving away from the transactional and workaround approaches that cause regulatory failure. We’re so happy for Alexandra to be joining us and sharing in our mission.


And we’re very lucky to have her. Fluent in French, Dutch and English (with a little Spanish thrown in for good measure), she has experience as a lawyer, an in-house counsel, and as a director of a national supervisory authority.


She’s previously worked for BPost Group, and the Belgian DPA, developing expertise in Data Protection, Intellectual Property, Trade practices and Competition law over that time. Most recently, she held the role of Director and Head of Data Protection and Privacy Practice at Deloitte Consulting.


Alexandra also added, “I am excited to join Utiq and I look forward to contribute to this essential revolution of the digital marketing ecosystem. Joining the Utiq team in its game changing privacy-centric journey is the best job I could dream of.”