Utiq, the new ad tech business providing an authentic consent service, has officially launched with its CEO and company vision unveiled at the OMR Festival.

Utiq was founded to enable responsible digital marketing for consumers, publishers and brands. To this end, the company operates an authentic consent service for the digital ecosystem in Europe, with a focus on consumer privacy and data sovereignty.

As part of the official launch of Utiq in Germany, Adform has been announced as the exclusive launch partner. The global digital media AdTech company has been a long-time collaborator with the telecoms industry to find a solution to the advertising industry’s consent problem, and will provide the platform for Utiq’s unique service through its ID Fusion solution. Other partners at launch include IQ digital media marketing GmbH and pilot Agenturgruppe.

Oliver Whitten, Chief Operating Officer at Adform says: “We’re proud that Utiq have chosen us as their exclusive launch partner and excited that for its first implementation, this ground-breaking consent service will be available through Adform’s universal identity solution, ID Fusion. When the concept for Utiq was first proposed by our long-time clients Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom, we were eager to work together to develop the solution. We believe this is an important step in creating a European ID oriented approach and a clear win for our digital ad buyers across Europe.”

“When competition works together, you know the future is being shaped. We are proud to be part of this important European initiative and to open the door to a world without third party cookies. With Utiq’s transparent consent service, the first promising steps towards responsible consent management have been taken. The results already show a consistent level of personalisation in the millions. This is a great achievement and we look forward to moving forward together with our partners,” comments Steffen Bax, Managing Director of IQ digital.

“Utiq’s Consent Service offers the potential to deliver a key promise of programmatic in a completely new quality: accurate, unique and optimal frequency targeting. In the future, disproportionate contacts across devices can be avoided, which also improves the advertising control for the end user – who will see less, but more relevant advertising. As the first agency partner worldwide, we were able to accompany the project from the very beginning and see great benefits in the use of this new technological solution, especially in view of the post-cookie era,” says Oliver Dragic, CEO of pilot.

Published On: May 15, 2023